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Tour of Afro-Cuban religion and Santería

Price $ 35 CUC / PER PERSONDuration: 3 hours

Learn about the Yoruba religion in Cuba and its transformation into Santería. Enjoy an unforgettable religious ceremony and bring unforgettable moments with you.

Step into the mysteries of the Afro-Cuban religion and learn its history. We will meet at Café Siá Cará, where we will have a few minutes to get to know each other and talk about what we will do on the tour. Then we will walk through one of the most believing streets of Havana, where we will see several stores of articles used in the Yoruba Cuban religion -named Santería-.

We will visit a local museum dedicated to it and we will end up visiting the altar of a babalawo -the denomination of the priests in Santería- where we will clean our roads and optionally, we will be able to know what fate prepares us. While we walk and visit these places, we will know the history of how the Yoruba religion came to the island and its transformation into the Afro-Cuban called Santería. This will be a unique experience that you will not regret and want to share with all your friends.

This tour includes: museum, spiritual consultation, bilingual guide.

Visit to the cemetery of Colón

Price $ 25 CUC / PER PERSON Duration: 2 hours

Visit the Cemetery of Columbus, learn the history of the most controversial tombs and admire the beauty of the statues that adorn them. You will have a unique experience to know first hand all the secrets that La Milagrosa hides.

Learn about the history of the Cemetery of Columbus, the largest in Cuba, the most beautiful in Latin America and the second in the world. We will meet at the main door of the cemetery and we will have a few minutes to get to know each other. It will be a journey of approximately 2 hours walking inside the cemetery and visiting the most famous tombs and with the greatest history.

We will learn about the myths told by the locals, some of them real and others fictional about tombs such as La Milagrosa, the tomb to Los Bomberos and the tomb of the Domino. Also, if you want to visit one or several tombs in specific, please tell us and we will locate the tomb for the day of the tour.

This tour includes: entrance to the cemetery, bilingual guide.

Ecotour: Cuban flora and fauna

Price $ 25 CUC / PER PERSONDuration: 2:30 hours

The Cuban fauna is one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean, with endemic species that have been protected by the authorities in order to preserve their legacy. Our main attraction will be the butterflies.

After meeting at the Carlos III Market and getting to know each other for a few minutes, we will walk along Quinta de los Molinos Avenue, where we will enjoy the shade of trees planted more than 50 years ago. We will visit an agricultural clinic, where all the necessary resources are sold so that people in the city can make a garden: soil, clay pots, fertilizer and seeds.

We will have the opportunity to delight ourselves with animals of the Cuban fauna that live in the forest that we will visit, some of them in the wild and others in captivity, such is the case of our last stop: a closed place that hides the biggest butterflies exhibition and beautiful of all Cuba, there are taken care of, reeproduced, fed and exhibited more than 20 Cuban species, recognized for their beautiful colors. This is a wonderful opportunity to take in photos, the details that you will only find in this hidden but beautiful place.

This tour includes: entrance to the butterfly garden, bilingual guide.